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The ultimate ingredients. Blissfully combined.

The phrase “Za mago wa yasashii ko”,
is a mnemonic where each syllable points to one of the 9 components of a healthy diet.

Za ma go wa ya sa shi i ko

ZaZakkoku (grains): The seeds of life.A great oak begins from a tiny seed. Sprouted grains
MaMame (beans)
GoGoma (sesame) and nuts
WaWakame and other seaweeds
YaYasai (vegetables)
SaSakana (fish) (we primarily use small fish and blue fish such as sardines and mackerel with some shellfish, squid, and octopus)
ShiShiitake and other mushrooms, shio (salt)
IImo (potatoes)
KoKome (rice) (we use brown and partially pounded rice), fermented foods, and enzymes

Cooking links us to the energy of nature
Dishes made with the world’s finest ingredients

Cooking connects us to the energy of nature through people, linking us to the universal pulse of life and grounding us into the earth.
The gifts that nature brings us through wind, fire, water, and sea–from terrestrial creatures to microorganisms–put us in touch with the energy of our planet.

We source our vegetables and grains from farms that use natural and organic farming methods–practices which put their faith in the power of Mother Nature.


Junko Tado

Junko Tado

Spiritual cooking scholar
Food therapist, cooking essayist
Founder of the Oneness Food Association and the Tado Junko Healthy Cooking School
Representative, malolocafe by onenessfood
Director, Subtle Energy Association of Japan
Former editor

Junko Tado has been interested in the power of natural healing without the use of medicines since she studied under a therapist teaching a derivative of the Noguchi seitai method in 1986. She has developed herself and raised her two children (now adults) based on these practices.

Tado has been involved with organic food since 1991. In the process, she has been actively involved in the movement to abolish endocrine disruptors and promote lifestyles free of synthetic detergents.
She worked for a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families, and wrote articles about alternative medicine practitioners, therapists, and patients who heal themselves. She learned about the synergies among food, lifestyle, and mental health.

Tado later served as editor for a magazine on spiritual topics, in the process learning from mentors all over the world. In search of a grounded form of spiritual practice, she wrote articles on natural and organic farming practices. She even borrowed some farmland to run her own test farm on the weekends for three years.
Tado participated in an organic farming experience at a spiritual ecovillage in Scotland called Findhorn, and is now ten years into using the insights she discovered there to run an organic vegetarian food class and more.

Tado has experience in food coaching for those with lifestyle-related diseases, working in conjunction with an integrative medicine clinic. She currently runs a small classroom in the Jiyugaoka and Den-en-chofu areas, offering one-on-one lessons in bringing universal energy to the dinner table as well as courses offering certification in spiritual nutrition.

Tado opened the organic-vegetarian, spiritually-inspired malolocafe by onenessfood restaurant in Mejiro in August 2018.

She is the author of Fushigi to shiawase wo yobikomu supirichuaru gohan (Spiritual Food for Uncommon Joy), available from Linda Publishers.

She has been publishing recipes and essays in anemone biomagazine since the January 2018 edition under the column “Goddess recipes for good luck”
She makes television and radio appearances, puts out numerous videos and recipes, and has been featured in several other magazines as well.


Hiroko Isa
Hiroko Isa runs a natural food cooking class called Foods Kitchen, as well as a popular family cooking class at a kindergarten. She also works as a designer.
Kumiko Hosaki
Kumiko Hosaki is certified as a Master Class through the Oneness Food® Association. She plans to start up some fun-filled cooking classes.
Saori Tado
Saori Tado studied at a spiritual retreat center in Nagano that brings together nature and farming.
Yukie Yokoyama
Yukie Yokoyama is certified as a curator and is always seeking out a deeper understanding of spirituality, food, and culture.